Guest Book

To our family and friends, it means the world to us that you shared in our special day here. THANK-YOU for the support, encouragement, and love and laughter you have contributed to our lives. You are our teachers, partners in crime, guides and favorite people in the world! We hope that you enjoyed our celebration as if you were there with us. Please leave us a little note, a gift of marital advice or a favorite memory we share, but most of all let us know you were here!

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What a lovely ceremony and celebration of your love for each other. Rita and I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

- Ron & Rita Stasiuk

Ed has always been such an important person to me and my family. I love him with all of my heart, and it gives me so much joy to see how happy you guys are together. You both compliment each other so well, it's obvious God made you for one another. Congratulations to you both, your wedding was beautiful.

- Lexy Maguire

Congratulations Christie and new Nephew Edward!! Heather and I wish you lots of love and happiness. Enjoy all the time together you can because the days pass by faster every year. Looking forward to meeting Edward!! Love, Brent & Heather

- Brent & Heather Parkin

Christie and Ed, my heart is filled with wishes of great joy for you and many treasured memories. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful wedding with me.

- Amanda Roberts

Congratulations to you both. What a beautifuI wedding. I hope you have a long and wonderful life together. Ed, I am sure you know what a lucky fellow you are. Christie is a very special person. Someone I admire for her intellect, ability, and talent. I never had a conversation with her that left me with anything other than a feeling that I was better off for having had it. Christie, always stay as you are. That is what attracted Ed to you, and what will always keep him close. With warmest wishes for your enduring happiness Walter

- Walter Beatty

To my amazing brother and Christie. You are a beautiful and soulful couple. I wish the best in the world for you two and knowing Ed, only the best will do for his beautiful bride. The website is amazing just like you two!!! Looking forward to all of the memories we will share and cherish. Love you both with all of my heart.

- Theodore Elmer Larsen

Congrats guys; Cheers to weirdness together!

- Pete denDulk

Congratulations, what a special experience for both of you. I'm glad you did it your way. Cheers to your marriage and many many happy years together.

- Juan and Monica Suarez

Congratulations on your wedding. Such a beautiful scene and you two look so happy!! We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

- The Girdler Family

Christie and Edward Congratulations to you both on finding each other and finding that eternal love. Edward, you found yourself an amazing woman in Christie. I worked with her many years ago and was always in awe at how amazingly bright and intelligent she was. I looked up to her and was happy to have called her my friend. Wishing you both years of happiness. All the best Joelle

- Joelle Roy Flynn

Your wedding was beautiful, we're so happy for you. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love.

- John and Char Maguire

Christie and Ed, Beautifully done! Congratulations to you both. Your story line is perfect for an Oscar award movie. Wishing you years of happiness together. Your friend, Alain

- Alain Kessous & Lily

As one of the more elder statesmen in the odd occupation we've chosen as our life work; I don't offer advice; so much as an observation from Mary and my experience from the journey. When the foundation of a partnership is strong; and small sleights are readily skipped over; the years fly by as months. Each partner is the better for knowing the other. May you be blessed with this kind of experience; all the best !

- Gary & Mary Levesque

Omg I had chilles and happy tears for you both. That was so amazing they way you got married and where it was So so amazing. I’m very happy for you both. Christy is an amazing beautiful, sweetheart. And if she picked you Ed. You are a great man , I worked with her on a g.o.b in michigan. And have been friend ever since. Congrats to you both. God bless

- Sharon Joseph

I am soo very happy to have you both in my life. Ed has been such an amazing father figure to me and I wish the both of you such happiness and love till the end of all days ❤️

- Jessie

Congratulations Christie & Ed Wow... what a wedding! Truly amazing! Love your dress Christie (just gorgeous, like you!) Ed, you looked very handsome in your attire. We wish you much happiness. Ed, you are an answer to our prayer that the Lord would bring a man into Christie's life... Yea God! Pictures were awesome! Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you can make it to Nova Scotia some time.

- Bob & Lynne Dorland

So Sweet Chistie, I am so happy for you. Such a beautiful wedding and story for such a beautiful girl. Everything looks so perfect. I wish you and Ed much happiness. Your Friend, John Watson

- John Watson

Glad you have found the one who makes you feel complete, and keeps you safe. Enjoy your life together to the fullest! Never stop experiencing life with eachother!

- Chantal Parsons (Parkin)

Ed & Christie: Congratulations and WELL DONE!! What a beautiful couple and perfect setting for your nuptials. Having been joined together in friendship and now united forever in love, may this bring many years of joy and happiness. In the words of Mark, this is definitely “one of the best JOINT VENTURES this industry has produced”!!!! Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!

- Mark and Rhonda Hebert

Congrats to both you, wishing you many happy years together!

- Lenny

Christie....we are so unbelievably happy for you!!!! Wishing you years and years of happy wedded bliss :) All of our love, always!

- Jill, Mike, Millie, and Ollie

Dear Christie and Ed, I can only wish you the best of happiness and a long life of love together. It is profoundly moving to me that a sweet, wonderful person has finally found her true love and married him. I remember the many times we spent together working hard in Miami and enjoying it. I wondered about this person hoping she would have the comfort of someone special as I have with my husband Bill. Over the years, I saw many projects and contracts that took her far and wide afield. I thought of the caring, kind smart person that she is and wished her to be able to feel that special joy of connection. Although I don't know you Ed, I believe you are that special person and feel honored that you have shared this with me. Best wishes to both of you forever. Sincerely, Marylou

- Marylou P. Kay

Your wedding video is simply magical and mesmerizing! It truly captures the essence of what a beautiful couple you are how you complete one another in so many ways! As you begin a new journey as husband and wife, may you discover a lifetime of happiness, adventure, and a love that grows stronger with each passing moment. Congratulations & best wishes always! Cheers!!

- Sarvesh Wahi

We thank God for you both and wish you a lifetime of happiness and love together! Your wedding was a dream come true, the photography spectacular, thank-you for sharing your special day with us. Love Mom and Dad

- Shawn and Donna Parkin

Congratulation. Wishing you much happiness.

- Terry York

Congratulations Your wedding look like a dream It is beautiful We wish you the same kind of live that Hélène and I have After 50 years we can tell you that Love could live forever Love from Hélène & Daniel

- Daniel Lafond

We enjoyed every second of this video!! What a beautiful wedding. You both look amazing and so happy. We wish you many, many years of happiness to come. God Bless you both!! Love you!!!

- Wendy Stefenack and Family

Very well done!!! It felt like I was right there! Congratulations!!!!!!

- Byron Klein

So happy to see your wedding and be included in your list of guests. We pray that the Lord will give you a marriage as beautiful as your wedding day. God bless you both.

- Howard and Louise Horne

Stunningly awesome ! Wonderful tributes So much love for both of you, Glorious event, Huge hugs and kisses to both of you!

- Catherine Egan Larsen and Richard Steele (Fiance')

This is a wonderful thing! Congratulations to you both. Carl PS: Loved the "All Sales Final" sign

- Carl Fish

CONGRATULATIONS!!!. Thank you for sharing your special day. What a beautiful wedding. Wishing you the best of luck and a long and happy marriage.

- Scott FIck


- Bertie willis Cox

This momentous occasion marks the start of your journey together. Blessings to the happy couple! May your commitment deepen, your joy increase, and your love grow stronger from this day forward. Wishing you many more wonderful moments to celebrate. We love you both dearly, xoxoxo

- Char, James, Tyson and Jonathan Mayling

Oh my Goodness, what a beautiful breathtaking Video of your special special day I am so happy for you both I know I signed this previously but that was before I watched the video All the best to you both and many years of happiness Sue

- Sue Morrow

Perhaps the prettiest of sites for a wedding I have ever seen. You two deserve no less. Congratulations and best wishes.

- David Seim

Congratulations to both of are both well suited to each other....your work success in the same field (and understanding of its occasional obstacles), commanlity of off duty pursuits, and obvious compatibility and commitment to each other is wonderful. As Mr. Horan noted, the stuff of fairy tales. I am very happy for both of you. All the best for the rest of your lives together....enjoy the fairy tale every day. Gary

- Gary Weisenberger

How over joyed we are for you both! Your card arrived today, 30th Aug. and I could not wait to visit your web site. Pearl and I watched the video of your wedding service and enjoyed it thoroughly. Welcome to our family Edward! And Christie, words fail me. We are both so thrilled for you and for Edward. The setting you chose was fabulous. Pearl and I celebrated our 49th anniversary this summer, and wish for you the same joy we have had all these years. May His greatest blessings be upon you both. PS: save 12th July next year if you are home. :) Uncle and Aunt Garry & Pearl

- Pastor/Uncle Garry & Pearl Parkin

Christie you do look frozen on the beach! But very, very happy. I am so glad for the two of you. What a beautiful and thoughtful way to share this day with family and friends all over the Globe! Xoxo from Germany!

- Stacy Corruthers

Stunning Video! Wishing for you ,The two most right for each other people in the universe that I have ever known. The happiest of happy journeys ahead of you. Looking forward to an "in person" toast in the very near future. Love you Guys Mark!

- Mark Shank