Photo Gallery

Enjoy a look through the photos from our special day and our week spent in Scotland. A few notes of significance are: Ed did not know how to put his very complicated American Irish attire all together. Ian the piper had to help him while the Bride waited patiently for her Groom. Isn’t it usually the Bride who is late? The gentlemen on the beach were all so very well dressed for the perfectly chilly Scottish summer day. However, the Bride in her little white dress was frozen! Even with wool socks and Hunter boots underneath! The whole way through the ceremony little black seals were popping their heads up in the water to watch us, though chilly, it was the best day we could have asked for with the sunny clear skies. It was very touching when Ed took his fly plaid stole off and wrapped Christie up to keep her warm.

We choose this special place because Ireland is visible in the distance, and a Campbell tomb is in the background dating to the 1700’s, it was the perfect combination to complement our lineage. All photos are downloadable, feel free to keep the ones that may speak to you!