Mother & Father of the Bride -

Shawn & Donna Parkin

From this day forward, you will never be alone. As husband and wife, you will always have each other, and Christie you will have your family and Ed’s family, and Ed you will have your family and Christie’s family. Welcome to our family Ed. We will always be there to offer our support to you both along life’s way. This is a special and unforgettable time, a happy celebration of a special pair of people who are deeply in love with one another. May you always find comforting strength and endless happiness in one another, and draw on God’s never-ending love for you both.

Always keep 1st Corinthians 13:13 in your hearts “and now abide faith, hope, love, these 3; but the greatest of these is love”. Congratulations to a lovely bride and groom on your special day.

Love always, Mom and Dad.

(Ed always remember when there is a “discussion” – the oxen are slow but the earth is patient! And leave the ladders to Christie)

Mother & Boyfriend of the Groom -

Catherine Egan & Rick Steele

I see an infant on the hospital bed and I told you then “you are someone great.”

I see a little boy who diced the baby sitter to walk to the Berlin Farmers Market to buy a poster that says I Love You Mom.

I see a teenager on South Street with parachute pants and spiked hair.

I see a man on a mountain holding the love of his life.

I raised you up in the way you should go and when you go old you did not depart from it.

My precious Ed and Christie, may all your troubles be little ones and your little ones be trouble free. Always remember to forget the troubles that passed away but never forget to remember the lessons that come each day. follow the 10 Commandments and you cannot go wrong.

Love Mom and Rick

Sister of Groom -

Rebecca Larsen

To Ed and Christie,

Three things I’d like to share, two of which go without saying, but since this is a toast…

For many years I listened to Ed on the phone as he would tell me about this amazing chick and how great it was to spend time with her. He’d go on and on and on about how she loved to drink good wine and paint. Ed would tell me how incredibly smart & funny she was and how he enjoyed her taste for good food and music. I had a feeling then and, of course I was right, that someday you two would be together. It was the feeling that there was something very real between you and her. A connection not to be lost. A foundation upon which to grow. She was definitely the one and I had a very real feeling that someday you would marry her.

Ed, you have taught me so many things, all of which I am incredibly grateful for. As long as I can remember, all the way back to the my baby crib days, I have loved Metallica, the Beatles, the Stones and all the other greats. This early intro to good music was followed by some damn good cartoons and years later badass muscle cars and a need for speed. But what I am most grateful for is that you have taught me the genuine meaning of loyalty. I am who I am because I have learned the true essence of this word and how it shapes everything. Your strong character, genuine nature, strength and support for the ones that you love and hold the closest has been, and always be, an example to me.

Christie, you are a powerhouse lady. Beautiful, intelligent, driven, thoughtful, witty, humble and so much more. Every time Ed and I spoke about you I could tell he wore a “shit-eating” grin on his face. What he didn’t know was I was grinning ear-to-ear knowing full well he had found a really awesome “chick” who had grabbed a hold of his heart like no one had before.

Ed, through all of this, not only have you gained someone in your life that will be loyal to you and bring you forever joy and happiness, but I have also gained this very special person in my life. For this I am incredibly grateful.

Many years ago you two formed a real friendship which, over time, evolved into love as husband and wife. This makes me very happy! Appreciate each other, create memories, take lots and lots of photos, and have a damn good time.

Share the world together!

Live. Love. Nothing else matters!

Much love, Rebecca

Brother of Groom -

Ted Larsen

I would like to congratulate Ed and Christie on this momentous occasion. My big brother Ed has been an unbelievable influence in my life since day one, but this isn’t about me. That’s just a fact about Ed. He impact or influences the life of everyone he comes in contact with. I know it was only a matter of time before he found an amazing woman and did just that. Impacted her life in a way that led to them wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. I couldn’t be happier for my brother Ed and newest member of our family Christie. I can only begin to imagine the memories they will share and I will have the privilege of sharing with them. If our departed father Elmer Larsen would have had anything to say it would have been how proud he was of his son Ed, as proud as I am to call him my brother. Congratulations to both Ed and Christie. May the road rise up to meet you, and may the wind be always at your back.

Friend of Groom -

Shawn & Katy Maguire and Family

Ed and Christie,

Ed has been family to us for so long and we are thrilled that he has found such love and happiness. Christie, we are honoured to have you as part of the family now too. Your marriage started with a wonderful adventure and we pray the adventures never end. Love each other in everything you do and everywhere you go. May you always be best friends as well as lovers. May you find happiness, good health, and wealth wherever your lives together may take you.

We wish you all the happiness in the world.

The Maguire Family

Friend of Groom -

Nolan Maguire

When Ed initially asked me to write a toast, of course, I said absolutely… I figured it would give me a few moments to make some jokes and break his stones.

For the first time, probably ever, I have decided to not take the opportunity and have fun at Fred’s, sorry Ed’s expense. (only one Ed, promise.)

I have known Ed pretty much as long as I can remember. He honestly my oldest friend that I still keep in contact with and that I owe to him.

Ed is a lot of things, persistent, stubborn, opinionated, cranky, little high maintenance, but above all else, Ed is a fierce friend and incredibly loyal to those close to him.

He has been with me and the Maguire family through some of the best and hardest times. He has always, always has been there if he could help… or take embarrassing pictures.

Christy, you will have to deal with some Ed’s nuances, but as I am sure you know, it is worth it….. At least most of the time.

I have always told Ed he is the most unlucky, lucky person I have ever met. He has been through a lot, from hurricanes to motorcycle accidents to that Cherry Wheat incident, and has always come out OK.

He has lived and experienced more than most. He has made friends all over the world and seen and done things a lot of us never will… I personally consider that lucky and something to be appreciated.

Whether you believe in luck or fate, something brought Christy into Ed’s life and it is, without a doubt, the best thing that has ever happened to him…

She is smart, kind, and clearly very patient… I can see she challenges Ed to think differently and pushes him to be his best. I would have never thought I would see someone impact Ed in that way. He has always been set in his ways and don’t tell him different.

To see that and how Ed embraces it shows that isn’t luck or fate or karma… This is love and something meant to be.

Congratulations to you both, I could not be more happy and excited for what is to come in your life together.

Colleague & Friend of both Edward and Christie -

Don Horan

Ed and Christie is the stuff of fairy tales.

A most improbable courtship, given the rich circumstances: she, an accomplished professional of beauty and grace; he, a jack-of-all-trades adventurer content to hop a freighter if the spirit moves him. Think Catherine Deneuve meets MacGyver.

Throw in the intrigue of harboring a deep attraction, and the high stakes of a poorly-timed discovery, and you have a wonderful story of romance, stolen kisses, longing, and fulfillment.

Makes me shiver thinking about it.

Wishing you both all the love and devotion you’ve each nurtured in one another and so richly deserve.